Breast cancer during pregnancy

If you develop breast cancer during pregnancy the treatment you are offered will depend on the type and extent of your breast cancer, the trimester of your pregnancy when the cancer is diagnosed and your individual circumstances.Effective treatment for breast cancer can be given during pregnancy without affecting the baby. You cannot pass cancer on to your baby and there is no evidence that having breast cancer during pregnancy affects your baby’s development in any way.Terminating the pregnancy isn’t usually recommended when breast cancer is diagnosed. Most women will be able to carry on with their pregnancy while having breast cancer treatment.There’s no evidence to suggest that a termination will improve the outcome for women diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy. However, termination may be discussed if chemotherapy is recommended during the first trimester.

  • Track 1-1 Risk during in pregnancy
  • Track 2-2 Treatment during pregnancy
  • Track 3-3 Test & examination
  • Track 4-4 Study of cancer cell during pregnancy

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